• Buying a Property in Spain


    British buyers continue to be drawn to property in Spain like nowhere else – it’s the obvious choice for those seeking a new life or a bolthole in the sun.  Costa Almeria property, remain as popular as ever- and now that property prices have dropped in many areas of Spain, the dream is within easier reach – if you’ve got the finances.

    No one can pretend that the Spanish property market is in brutal good health right now, with estimates of 2.3 million homes started but never purchased, and thousands more bought and then repossessed by Spanish banks.

    Even the Spanish president had to accept an asking price in September 2011 for his holiday property in Almeria of 38 per cent below what he paid at the top of the market in 2007.

    But of course this is great news for buyers of Spanish property – and it’s quite clear from our readers and visitors to our exhibitions that the appetite for a home in Spain remains high – especially for permanent relocation.  And let’s not forget it was bargain property prices that attracted so many Brits, Germans, Dutch, Scandinavians and now Russians to Spain since the 1960s – along with the sun, sandy beaches, short flights and sangria. courtesy of a place in the sun

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